The People's Bus Stay tuned for updates from the People’s Bus, which left at 7pm June 20th from the Vancouver Peoples’ Summit on Main and 32nd in Vancouver. A team of dedicated activists will be bringing citizen’s recommendations to Toronto for the summit and providing Vancouver a voice. Participants in the Vancouver Peoples’ Summit sat down throughout the day to discuss Women’s Rights, Climate Change and Global Financial Justice. Further to that everyone had their chance to write an update on the side of the bus.

Ries Mentik is the fearless leader as the team makes the 4200 Kilometre journey. Updates are below, you can also follow the team on Facebook and Flickr.

SMS Updates from Ries:

Monday2:33am – Early Morning (June 21st) – Kamloops! Spirits high – van running strong! Tell the World!

7:34am – The people in the rockies! All fast asleep – Brianne and Ries holding the fort!

2:45pm – Wow! The van almost loaded. Red Deer and Edmonton represented. On our way to Winnipeg! Nothing gonna stop us! Not even a flood! Check out Facebook and Flickr!

6:20pm Drumheller. 1st pull over – being accused of arsen in Rosedale. A report came in of a hippie van setting fire. After 30 mins it turns out there r 2 hippie vans in town! It drives past – we are back on the road!

Tuesday 8:45am – Just left Winnipeg! 15 people on board – our road trip has official become a caravan! 4 peeps from Winnipeg follow us. Tired but spirits and solidarity high. Setting up camp in Ontario tonight. Tell da world!


Oxfam Vancouver Twitter Account - http://www.twitter.com/oxfamvancouver

It seems like the social media bandwagon isn’t going anywhere. The local Vancouver Oxfam Advocacy and Outreach committee recently set up a twitter account that you should check out. My goal is to have 100 followers by next week, so follow us and find out what is new and exciting in Vancouver’s Oxworld!


Vancouver Peoples' Summit Logo

Get Ready Vancouver…

The first annual Vancouver Peoples’ Summit will be hosted just five days before the beginning of the 36th annual G8/G20 summit in Muskoka Ontario. This year Canadians have their head of state leading a group made up of the world’s most powerful decision makers and are discussing issues of poverty, climate change and global financial systems. This presents an incredible opportunity but also casts an eerie shadow of obligation. Today fifty thousand people will die of preventable poverty related afflictions, Industry will continue to emit astronomical amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and banks will continue in the wake of countless individuals’ economic collapse.

The leaders of the G8/G20 countries have the tools to remedy this, but their doors are closed and commitments are not binding. So how do we step out of the silence?

The Vancouver Peoples’ Summit aims to burst down the door and open a city wide forum for discourse for citizens to discuss what they want to be brought to the table for the Muskoka G8/G20 summit. Along with non-stop entertainment and a highly interactive NGO village there will be three “At the Table G8/G20 events” that are designed to be media stunts as well as productive discussion forums. These three Peoples’ G8 Tables – featuring partly public (by RSVP online) and partly involved local speakers – will address the subjects of the At The Table campaign: Global Financial Justice, Climate Change Action, and Women’s Rights Initiatives. Each ‘At the Table’ event will also be catered by local Chefs with local organic ingredients. The Climate Change Action table will take the format of an “eat in” and feature a meal being shared by the participants. In addition, the Vancouver Peoples’ Summit on June 20th will also feature a variety of local talent on display, ranging from street theatre to interactive NGO Village booths to live music.

In the spirit of bridging local action to Global Impact we will also be featuring Village Vancouver’s transition community display.

So Get Ready Vancouver for this City’s largest day of action aimed at the G8/G20 and get ready to have your voice heard At the Table. This father’s day – Sunday June 20th at Car Free Day between Main and 30th and 33rd – witness first hand the emerging coalition of social justice and sustainability groups and join us in a making a big noise for a brighter shared future.

Contact me Scott Andrews and find our how you can get involved – or visit our website at www.vancouverpeoplessummit.ca.

Get Ready Vancouver

Vancouver Peoples’ Summit 2010

Take your place at the Table!

Oxfam releases report on climate change adaptation in poor countries

As part of their human impact stories, tcktcktck.org has recently added Oxfam’s report on climate change adaptation in poor countries.

Climate change is fast pushing communities, particularly the poorest and most marginalized, beyond their capacity to respond. Across the world, subsistence crops are approaching the limits of their viability as temperatures change, erratic rainfall patterns and changing seasons are upsetting agricultural cycles and many are left struggling to feed their families.

Oxfam’s report draws on case studies from around the world and Oxfam’s experience working with rural communities to set out what is needed and a range of interventions that are available to enable people living in poverty to adapt to climate change. Nonetheless, there are limits to adaptation, and without rapid and significant global mitigation, these options will be quickly lost.

The report identifies the need for a combination of bottom-up and top-down processes in order to create the enabling conditions needed for people living in poverty to adapt to climate change.

Source: tcktcktck.org and Oxfam UK

Oxfam Canada Pailwalker in VancouverSaturday April 24th at 10:30am Oxfam Volunteers marched 6 kilometers from the Vancouver Art Gallery to the Earth Day Celebrations at Jericho Beach. We collected signatures and raised the profile for our local advocacy work and our partners overseas. We were joined by prominent labor leader from Haiti, Duken Raphael who was visiting with Haiti Solidarity BC. For photos of the event please visit the Picasa Album. For more information about Oxfam’s campaign and work overseas, please visit Oxfam Canada’s website. You can also leave a comment for me or join Oxfam’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee for Monday night meeting in Vancouver. We meet nearly every Monday at 6:30pm at the Oxfam Office on the downtown east side.

In Solidarity,

Scott Andrews

A re-post from my friend Nicole Kindred’s site – http://blog.knicolekindred.com/. Nicole Kindred is a former Oxfam Canada crusader and recently transplanted to New York:

April 22, 2010 – New York City, NY

Earth Day has been happening for the past 40 years and is now bigger than ever!

The Earth Day Network is the global coordinator or Earth Day events and activities. One can find out what events are taking place in their area by doing a search on their site.

I have recently relocated to New York City and was thrilled to see that the “Be the E” campaign is being promoted throughout the city. The E campaign creates the opportunity for individuals to speak out about what they are doing to take positive action for the Earth. E action can be manifested in many forms  -conserving energy, composting, planting a tree, consuming local/organic food, biking, recycling, installing solar panels, protesting environmental degradation, and/or saving rain forests. Be the E is a call to action that evokes Gandhi’s plea to “be the change you want to see in the world.” I am E is rooted in the notion that everything on Earth is dependent on everything else and that the Earth is one living organism.  Learn more at earthdayny.org.

For those of you who are still in Vancouver, my friends at Oxfam are putting together the second annual Earth Day Walk for Climate Justice.  Be sure to join them this Saturday at 10:30am in front of the Art Gallery to walk to Jericho Beach in celebration of Earth Day and women’s rights world wide.

Nicole Kindred