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My flat tire

When I hoped off my bike after work this afternoon, it wasn’t the sunniest of the days. Sunshine aside, being able to zip around the city at high speeds without the rain pelting down is reason enough to “carpe diem” and head for Stanley Park. After a quick snack and bumping into an old friend, I decided to head back to homestead only to find my bicycle tire went flat. Drat! I had built my routine around my new wheels. Finding out that I missed the bicycle repair shop by 20 minutes, I decided to hit up the local market for some tasty dinner options.

As I loaded my bike up with the groceries, I immediately started laughing (inside my head) that loading up and pushing vegetables on a bicycle in Vancouver requires a very specific set of circumstances, where in Uganda it’s not only routine but a lifeline as pictured below.

This segue certainly put things into perspective. Spending an hour walking my decrepit bike from Stanley Park and to the vegetable market this afternoon was an inconvenience, it did not however, bear any dire consequences. I could have left my bike in the park and it would not have impacted my overall mobility or my financial situation drastically. I could have called a cab, or stopped at a restaurant for food and paid my with my credit card. Not only that, I did not have to carry water! That is the largest difference that came to mind as I walked the streets of Vancouver and compared my lifestyle to many rural Ugandans I met last year.

All in, it was kind of fun having people flash me strange glances as I pushed my bike down the streets with fruits and vegetables draped from the handlebars. If only everyone knew how common an activity this is in many parts of the world.


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